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At Rogers Personal Injury Solicitors we are a leading Irish law firm and deal exclusively with personal injury cases in Dublin and all over the country.

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    We deal exclusively with personal injury claims, meaning we have extensive knowledge of the law in this area. Our team are on hand 24/7 to answer any queries you may have.

    As professional car accident solicitors in Dublin, we deal with a high volume of road traffic accident claims every year. We know the law and fully understand all the procedures and red tape.

    The workplace can be very dangerous, no matter what your job title is. From slippery floors to dangerous construction sites, we are here to offer advice every step of the way.

    Rogers Personal Injury Solicitors are one of the leading firms in Ireland and deal exclusively with personal injury claims.

    Take a look at some of our recent cases and find out how they progressed. Feel free to contact our expert team with any queries. All our clients are treated in the strictest of confidence.


    Be sure to check out our FAQ section. This aims to answer some of our most asked questions and provide you with some guidance.

    Have you been injured in a building site accident? Unsafe building sites can lead to life-changing injures. If you’ve been seriously injured on a building site, get in contact with our Dublin solicitors offices today.

    Factory accidents can lead to devastating, life-changing accidents. Rogers Personal Injury Solicitors has experience in helping factory workers injured due to unsafe conditions receive the compensation they deserve.

    Have you suffered a facial scar due to an accident that wasn’t your fault? We can help you with your injury case. Our personal injury solicitors can help you seek scarring compensation.

    Rogers Personal Injury Solicitors are one of Dublin’s most established law firms. Our personable injury solicitors work closely with members of our local Dublin community offering advice and recommendations on the viability of their personal injury claim.

    Rogers Solicitors

    Rogers Solicitors is a specialist personal injury solicitor in Dublin.

    We have particular expertise in overseeing car accident claims, accidents at work, & bike accident claims.

    Since being established, Rogers Solicitors’ team of Dublin personal injury solicitors have worked closely with a number of clients, helping them receive the compensation they deserve following an injury.

    Located in the very heart of Dublin’s historic Trinity Street, we are available to discuss the details of all kinds of accidents that resulted in injury to an individual.

    By combining expertise with years of experience we can advise clients on the merits of pursuing a personal injury claim usually during the initial consolation.

    Our Dublin personal injury solicitors cut through the complex legal jargon and explain in plain English the details specifications and processes involved in pursuing a personal injury claim.

    Our focus is always on getting our clients the legal redress they deserve. Rogers Solicitors’ success rate and client focus have made us the natural choice for clients who require an expert team of personal injury solicitors in Dublin.

    Common Personal Injuries in Dublin

    Road traffic accidents remain extremely common in Dublin. Our team of road traffic accident solicitors have represented individuals who suffered injuries that prevented or reduced their ability to work and individuals who have suffered life-threatening injuries that reduced their quality of life.
    Injuries involving cars, lorries, vans and increasingly bicycles, are an almost daily occurrence in Dublin and we make sure an injured individual gets the personal injury compensation they deserve.

    Accidents in the workplace can happen due to the negligence of a fellow employee or due to the failure of management to provide a safe working environment, inadequate safety protection or inadequate training.
    Pursuing a work accident claim* against an employer can oftentimes be fraught with potential interpersonal conflict and create a tense or uncomfortable working environment. With this in mind, many injured employees avoiding seeking compensation for their injuries. Our team of Dublin workplace accident solicitors* assure clients that any employer will have an insurance policy to deal with workplace accident claims.*
    An insurance company pays the claim, not the employer. It’s also important to remember than an employee will likely be dealing with the repercussions of their injury for much longer than they will be employed by the company in question.

    Personal injuries due to an accident on a bike are becoming increasingly common in Dublin.
    Rogers Personal Injury Solicitors are one of Dublin’s most experienced Bike personal injury solicitors.* This unique area of expertise, allows us to successfully get compensation* for cyclists and motorcyclists who have been injured due to the negligence of a fellow road user.
    Motorcyclists and cyclists remain some of the most vulnerable of road users. As such they often suffer serious and life-changing injuries.
    Our Dublin personal injuries solicitors* make sure that cyclists and motorcyclists get the appropriate amount of compensation for the severity of their injuries.

    How to Make a Personal injury Claim in Dublin

    • To begin the personal injury process, get in contact with Rogers Personal Injury Solicitors today.
    • All Personal injury claims – except some cases concerning medical negligence – are filed through the Injuries Board.
    • The Injuries Board requires that personal injury cases are filed alongside a medical report. Rogers Personal Injury Solicitors will request this medical report from the client’s GP. The medical report will outline the injuries the client has suffered along with explaining the medium-term or short-term consequences of the injuries.
    • Eventually, the injuries board will send a written answer to the submitted claim that offers a recommended settlement figure.
    • The claimant will then decide to either accept or reject the offer.
    • The insurance company required to pay the claim may also reject the recommended amount – claiming that the figure is too high.
    • The claimant’s personal injury solicitor negotiates with the insurance company.
    • If a satisfying figure cannot be agreed upon then the personal injury claim will proceed to the counts.

    For additional information on the personal injury claim process, get in contact with Rogers Personal Injury Solicitors today.

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    Brian was involved in a road traffic accident in 2015 after his car was hit from behind by a third party at traffic lights in Dublin City centre.

    Brian got in touch with us on a Friday afternoon and one of our Solicitors arranged to meet Brian at his home on the Saturday. Brian had 2 concerns – the damage to his car and the pain in his lower back. We spent just over one hour with Brian on obtained all the information we needed to get the case started …

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    Rogers Solicitors are currently developing a mobile phone app which all of their clients can log onto to track the progress of their case and also to get in touch with the team. The project will be rolled out very soon. Stay tuned! 

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