Building Site Accidents

Unfortunately, Building Site Accidents can oftentimes have an extremely adverse effect on a person’s quality of life. Accidents including falls, or injuries involving heavy machinery can result in devastating injuries.

Construction sites are dangerous places, therefore it’s important that owners of sites and employers strictly adhere to the rules surrounding on-site safety. If you have been injured due to a failure by a management company or an owner to provide a safe building site working environment, you are within your rights to seek building site injury compensation.

Who is responsible for onsite accidents?

Like any other place of work, employers on a construction site have a duty of care towards their employees. Therefore building site employers must take reasonable steps to ensure their employees are safe from the risk of injury.
If an employer has failed in this duty of care and an employee has been injured due to negligence, the injured employee is within their rights to seek compensation.

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    What Duty of Care Must an Employer Follow in Regards to their employees?

    On a construction site an employer must provide:

    • The employer must provide a safe working environment
    • It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the employee has safe access to and from the site
    • All regulations are put in place to prevent falls from high places
    • Safety training must be provided on all aspects of working on a construction site
    • The employer must take all reasonable steps to prevent falls including proving safety equipment
    • Falls through breakable or fragile materials must be prevented
    • Proper and regulatory compliant scaffolding must be erected under supervision
    • It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that their employees are protected from falling objects at all times

    Building Site Accidents FAQ

    Some of the more common building site accidents that result in injury include:
    – Injuries caused by lifting
    – Falls from ladders
    – Falling from a roof
    – Falls from heights throughout the site
    – Accidents involving construction machinery
    – Accidents involving scaffolding on sites
    – Accidents involving on-site vehicles
    – Crane accidents

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