The 3rd worst traffic in the world isn’t an excuse

A recent survey by one of the world’s leading transport data firms — INRIX — confirmed what every Dublin motorist has known for years. Dublin is one of the worst cities in the world for traffic.

Based on data gathered during a massive worldwide survey, it was estimated that the average Dublin commuter — going through the gauntlet that is inner city Dublin at peak times — spends an average of 246 hours sitting in traffic, per year!
That’s the equivalent of 10 whole days spent listening to 2FM, in a stationary car.
With this in mind, it seems like road traffic accidents happening during peak commuting times is almost inevitable.
Boredom, frustration and road rage can be contributing factors in a road user allowing their concentration to lapse. It’s understandable, right?
Well, we don’t think so.

Road Traffic Accidents in Dublin

As one of Dublin’s most experienced road traffic accident solicitors,* we deal with a huge amount of accidents that happened during peak Dublin traffic times. All this experience has confirmed a simple truth: there is nothing inevitable about a road traffic accident.
We all share the road, and as such every motorist has a responsibility to other road users. As frustrating as it is, being stuck in traffic, this frustration is never an excuse for dangerous or reckless driving. The individuals we represent as personal Injury solicitors* are injured due to the negligence of a third party motorist. They are not injured due to congestion.

Personal Injury Solicitors* in Dublin

Dublin has a traffic problem, it’s been confirmed by irrefutable evidence. But Traffic doesn’t cause accidents. People cause accidents.
Simply put, traffic conditions are never an excuse for careless driving. And as such, individuals injured due to the careless driving of a third party have a right to seek legal redress following a road traffic accident.
If you have been injured due to the negligence of a third party driver you are completely within your rights to seek appropriate legal redress. As specialist personal injury solicitors,* we can advise and represent you following a road traffic accident.

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