Accident at Work Personal Injury Cases

Workplace accidents in Ireland are much too common

We have recently settled several high value accident at work personal injury claims. Our reputation in this niche area of law is growing. Workplace accidents are far too common in Ireland. Recent statistics from the Personal Injury Assessment Board indicate that workplace accidents are on this rise. The insurance industry will undoubtedly allege that this is down the so called growing “claims culture” in Ireland, however the Personal Injuries Assessment Board themselves have acknowledged that this is likely down to a rise in employment number across Ireland now that the recession has passed.

It is easy to understand why accidents at work are so common. Think of a building site. Accidents at work on building sites are very common. Employees can suffer accidents at work on building sites for common reasons such as these:

Falls from height such as falling from scaffolding, falling from tele-porters, falling from ladders

Finger injuries, such as lacerations, loss of fingers from using power tools and chain saws etc

Broken and fractured ankles, broken and fractured legs from dropping heavy items and tripping over various items

Burn injuries on building sites from contact with hazardous substances, item catching fire and the use of blow torches

Back injuries are very common on building sites, usually as a result of lifting heavy objects

Accidents at work in factories are also very common. Ireland as an agricultural nation is home to many meat processing factories. A very common injury in meat factories are cats and lacerations to the hand as a result of using trimming devices. Typically employees will not have received the requited training and are not provided with adequate protective hand protection.

If you are an employee in Ireland and are worried about your health and safety in he workplace, we suggest that you raise your concern with your superior. Your employer owes you a duty of care under legislation.

For more information on accidents at work please visit our accidents at work page. 

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