Car Accident Case Study: Rear end shunt case settles for 22,000 euros

Jane was driving her car from her home in Clontarf in Dublin 3 to work in Dublin City Centre. She was waiting at traffic lights and her car was stationary. Suddenly and with no warning she heard a massive bang, her airbags were deployed and she smashed into the car in front. The car was full of dust from the airbags for a few seconds.

Jane was in a state of shock. The driver of the car behind failed to stop in time and went straight into the rear of Jane’s car. The Garda were called to the scene and an ambulance was also called. Jane was taken to Connolly Hospital in Blanchardstown and was her back was x rayed. Luckily nothing was broken, however Jane was very stiff indeed.

A few days later Jane contacted Rogers Personal Injury Solicitors and asked them to take on her case. A Solicitor visited Jane in her home as she was not up to walking into the city.

Rogers Solicitors sent a letter to the other driver’s insurance company, and they admitted liability right away. They even offered Jane a courtesy car while they arranged the repairs of her own car.

A few months later a medical report was obtained from Jane’s GP which outlined the extent of the whiplash that Jane had suffered. A report was also obtained from Jane’s Physiotherapist.

The case was submitted to the Injuries Board. The Board asked Jane to attend with one of their own doctors and a few months later the Board assessed the case at 22,000. Rogers Solicitors advised Jane that the offer was bang on the money and Jane accepted the offer.

A few weeks later Jane received her cheque. Jane was delighted with the compensation she received, and she was also delighted with how Rogers Solicitors handled her case. According to Jane “The Solicitors were on standby for me whenever I needed them. They answered all my questions right away and put me at ease about the whole claims process.”

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