Different Types of Road Traffic Accident Claims That Can be Made in Dublin

Unfortunately, Dublin’s traffic-choked streets are a recipe for road traffic accidents and as a result traffic accident claims. Accident’s involving everything from cyclists, to car drivers to light commercial vehicles are an almost daily occurrence.

Upon reviewing the annual crash reports, it’s clear that car accidents aren’t just extremely common, they come in a myriad of varieties. Minor accidents, serious accidents and even fatal accidents are over-represented on Dublin roads.  With this in mind, it can seem daunting for the average citizen to go about seeking a road traffic accident claim in Dublin. After all, how can the average road user be sure that their accident mandates legal action? 

Today, we are going to discuss the various types of road traffic accidents where an injured party is within their rights to make a road traffic accident claim. The below is by no means a complete list and we encourage injured parties to get in contact with our Dublin based road traffic accident solicitors, to discuss the specifics of their accident.

Bike road traffic accident claims

Road traffic accidents claims involving cyclists have exploded in the past decade. Inevitable the rise of cycling — thanks in part to various cycle to work schemes — has resulted in more and more injured cyclists seeking compensation following a road traffic accident. The vast majority of bicycle road traffic accidents involves a cyclist being knocked off their bikes by cars, vehicles or even buses. However, an increasing number of bicycle accidents are due to poorly maintained roads, animals that are not properly secured or from faulty or broken equipment. A cyclist is well within their rights to make a road traffic accident claim following any of the above. If you’ve been injured due to circumstances that don’t match any of the above, we encourage you to get in contact with our Dublin based road traffic accident claim solicitors firm. We provide our Dublin clients with expert advice and legal recommendations.

 Uninsured Driver Road Traffic Accident Claims

Nothing quite compounds the stress of being involved in a car accident than finding out the other driver is uninsured. More so than any other road user, an uninsured driver is a major flight risk, immediately following a road traffic accident. However, injured parties are not left without recourse. The motor insurers Bureau of Ireland was set-up to act as the insurer in accidents involving uninsured drivers, or untraceable drivers. A road traffic accident claim is made to the motor insurers Bureau of Ireland, for personal injuries or compensation for car damage and/or property damage.

 Motorcycle Road Traffic Accidents Claims

Motorcyclists are one of the most vulnerable of all road users. Accidents involving motorcyclists are often a direct result of negligence on the part of another road user.
Our team of solicitors is made up of bike enthusiasts. We have first-hand knowledge of the various factors that go into accessing culpability in a road traffic accident involving a bike. No matter the circumstances, be it negligence on the part of a third party road user, a negligent pedestrian or an injury due to a poorly maintained road or traffic signal, we can advise motorcyclists on the process involved in making a road traffic accident claim.

The above only scratches the surface of the various road traffic accidents that happen every day on Dublin roads. It’s important to remember that no two traffic accidents are the same and as such there are no two road traffic accident claims that are the same. Following an accident, we always advise seeking legal advice as soon as possible by getting in contact with our Dublin solicitors firm.For more information on this topic please visit our road traffic accidents page.

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