Rear end shunt accidents – when a car is hit from behind by another car

A substantial amount of cases that we deal with here at Rogers Solicitors are road traffic accidents, particularly rear end collisions. According to figures from the Injuries Board, these are by far the most common type of Personal Injury claim pursued in Ireland.

Liability is usually very straightforward in rear end collisions – the driver who hits the rear of another vehicle will likely be to blame for the accident. Most rear end collisions are a result of negligent driving, below are some of the instances in which this could arise:

  • Driving without due care and attention
  • Avoiding hazards on the road
  • Weather conditions
  • Sudden braking by the car in front

If you have been involved in such an accident you must do the following:

  • Call an ambulance if necessary
  • Call the Garda
  • Provide the Garda with all relevant insurance details
  • Notify your own insurer, even if the accident was not your own fault
  • Seek the appropriate medical attention
  • Check your car for damage and speak with your insurer in relation to this

In the event that your car has been damaged you have several options in respect of having the car fixed.

You can have your car repaired by your own insurer right away and then your own insurer can re-coup the costs from the “at fault” driver at a later date when liability has been established.

You can pay to have the damage fixed yourself and get reimbursed by the “at fault” driver at a later date when liability has been established.

If you do not wish to put the repairs through your own insurance you can simply wait until liability is established and only then will the “at fault” driver’s insurance reimburse you.

If you are a passenger within a car and it has been involved in a rear end collision, then you can also claim off the negligent parties insurance.

If you require any assistance with a rear end shunt accident, then our team will happily assist.

For more information on road traffic accident claims, please review our Road Traffic Accidents page. 

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