What is an accident at work?

Every so often, a workplace accident makes the news and for 24 hours at least an injury in the workplace grips the public’s imagination. Whether it’s a story about the supposed unsafe conditions inside a factory or on a farm, large payments to an injured party can become a local or even a national talking point.

While people may discuss the payout or even the victim of the accident, what’s rarely discussed is what exactly a workplace accident is? When exactly is an injury or an accident the direct fault of the employer? In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss workplace accidents and explain when an accident isn’t simply an unfortunate occurrence but rather an inevitability due to an employer’s negligence.

Accident at Work Compensation

Under current health and safety legislation, an employer can’t seek compensation from their employer. However, an employee that has been injured at work is entitled to make a personal injury claim. This personal injury claim can be made if the accident happened at the place of work or in a location where the employee is legally required to be as part of their employment duties.
An accident at work may happen due to the failure of the employer to create a safe working environment or a failure to provide the necessary safety equipment. An accident may also happen when an employer fails to provide their employees with adequate safety training.

What if my workplace accident was because of human error?

Even if the workplace accident is the result of human error you may still be entitled to seek compensation if the work environment was hazardous. Every workplace accident is different and some will likely need to factor in elements like human error. It’s for this very reason why you should speak to a workplace accident solicitor. An experienced workplace accident solicitor will access the different factors that lead to the accident and should be able to ascertain if the employer is at fault.

Won’t I hurt the business if I seek out workplace accident compensation?

When it comes to workplace accident claims, it’s important to remember that you’re not taking money from the business but rather an insurance company. Any legitimate business will have liability insurance in place. Liability insurance is there expressly to cover any pay-outs resulting from litigation.


In brief, an accident at work is exactly as it sounds. It’s an accident that occurred at a workplace or that occurred while someone is carrying out their work duties. The confusion arises in knowing what kind of workplace accidents are the fault of the employer. The only way to know for sure is to speak to a professional workplace accident solicitor. To schedule a consultation with one of our workplace accident solicitors, get in contact with our accidents at work solicitors’ offices today.

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