What is my Personal Injury Claim worth?

We get asked this on a daily basis.  The simple answer is that no claim is the same and that the injury is what dictates the value of claim.

Personal Injury Compensation claims is a hot topic in Ireland at present.  The general consensus in the media is that payouts in Ireland are too high and that any one who makes a claim is a fraudster!!!!!!

There is so much mis-information out there about claims.  Especially in relation to what a claim is worth.  So many clients have said to us over the years lines such as “my mum got thirty grand for her claim, so mine is bound to be worth fifty grand” and “my mate in the pub says I did not get enough money for my claim.”  We have heard them all.

Here is what happens in reality.  

Firstly, it all depends on medical evidence.  A Personal injury solicitor will request all GP records, all hospital records, all x-rays and scans.  Then a medical report will be sought from a medic such as a treating GP or treating hospital consultant.  The medical report will clearly state the extent of the injury and how long the recovery will take.

The Personal Injury solicitor will then refer to the Book of Quantum.  The Book Of Quantum is the guidelines that are referred to what valuing a personal injury claim.  The Book of Quantum contains all the various types of injury one can imagine and clearly states various levels of compensation that are appropriate to the various types of injury.

This is what happens in reality.

Below isa link to the Book of Quantum.


If you need any assistance with a personal injury claim, we are on hand 24/7 to assist.

We deal with the following types of personal injury claims:

Car accident claims

Motorcycle accident claims

Workplace accident claims

Medical negligence claims

Tripping in public places claims

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