Case Study – Workplace Accident personal injury claim settles

Scarring to arm injury case settles for undisclosed sum

John (not his real name) is from Swords in County Dublin.  John worked as a delivery driver for a company in Lucan for over 32 years.

Three years ago John collected a delivery in his van from the depot in Lucan.  The delivery was a large arcade machine which was to be delivered to an arcade in Clondalkin (Dublin 22).

John was unloading the machine from the back of his van with a colleague, Oisin (not his real name).  Oisin slipped as he was steeping out of the back of the van and the large and heavy machine landed on top of John’s left arm.  A small but sharp metal strip from the side of the machine cut very deep into John’s arm.  The laceration was so bad that the bone was exposed.

John approached Rogers Personal Injury Solicitors by sending them a text after a colleague passed on our details.  John called into the office in Swords (Clonmel House, Forster Way, Swords, County Dublin) after an appointment was arranged the next week.

Rogers Solicitors got the case started right away, and below is a brief summary of the work that was done to progress the case.

Meeting with John in the Swords office.  All paperwork signed.

Letter before action sent to John’s employer.

All medical records received.

Report obtained from GP.

Case submitted with Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB).

Dealt with all enquiries raised by third party insurer.

Liability admitted by insurer.

Insurer consent to PIAB assessment.

John attends PIAB assessment.

PIAB assessment considered and rejected as it was much too low.

Updated medical evidence obtained from treating neurophysiologist and plastic surgeon.

Court proceedings issued in Dublin High Court.

Replies to Particulars dealt with.

Defence reviewed and matter set down for Trial.

Trial date received, but settlement talks arranged w=between all sides.

Case settles during settlement meeting, Defendant insiting that the settlement figure be kept confidential.

High Court callover attended the next Monday to advise that the case has settled can be struck off the Dublin Personal Injury List.

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