Road Traffic Accident Dublin

Road traffic accidents in Dublin are a common occurrence with as many as 17 fatalities stemming from road traffic accidents in Dublin in 2015. However, this is a decrease when compared to the 29 fatalities the previous year which is a positive enforcement of safer roads. The number of injuries sustained from road traffic accidents is significantly higher in Dublin with an astounding 1,974 people injured from road traffic accidents in 2012.

Being in the heart of Dublin city centre, Rogers Solicitors has a special focus on road traffic accidents that occur in Dublin as 90% of our cases deal with Dublin insurance companies, local based Garda stations and other solicitor firms. This integration has helped us become expedient in winning cases for each of our client’s has fast as possible.

Whether you are a cyclist, pedestrian, motorcyclist or the driver of a car, if you have been involved in a road traffic accident at the hands of another driver then you will be entitled to compensation. Due to the high volume of traffic in Dublin along with an innumerable amount of pedestrians, the risk of a road traffic accident occurring is significantly higher compared to smaller cities around Ireland. As well this, road works are another aspect that can create road traffic accidents due to the diversions set in place and the disruption it causes for not only drivers but also cyclists and pedestrians. The recent road works around College Green and Parliament Row in Dublin 2 are particularly disruptive and are areas that could make cyclists in particular, especially vulnerable to being involved in a road traffic accident.

Nevertheless, as road traffic accidents in Dublin have by the far the highest number of injuries sustained per year on average, every road user should be extremely vigilant. If you are involved in a road traffic accident and any passerby assists you in any way, try and get their details and ask them if they would be a witness for you. In our experience, negligent drivers may sometimes attempt to dispute liability and cases may no longer be winnable due to lack of evidence or compensation will be reduced to a 50/50 ratio due to contributory negligence. In order to quash this, we would recommend asking anyone who has witnessed to assist you in providing a witness statement to either the Garda at the scene of the accident or for an independent statement.

For additional information on road traffic accident claims, please review our Road Traffic Accidents page. 

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