Rogers Solicitors settle finger injury case for €60,000.00

Rogers Solicitors recently settled a case in the sum of €60,000.00 at the High Court in Dublin following a very nasty accident at work.

The circumstances of this workplace accident are as follows – The Plaintiff was attaching cladding to a wall at a building site in County Kildare when an employee negligently hammered the cladding with a sledge hammer, and the Plaintiff lost the tip of his finger as a result.

Proceedings were issued against the Defendant (the Plaintiff’s employer) in 2016 and settlement talks between Rogers Solicitors and the Defendant’s insurers resulted in a Settlement in the sum of €60,000.00.

The Plaintiff was delighted with the level of damages received and was delighted with the level of service provided by Rogers Solicitors.

Accidents at work are all too common and can happen very easily, especially on building sites. Rogers Solicitors are on hand to advise any individual who has been involved in an accident at work such as this.

For addtional information on our Personal Injury claim legal advice, please review our personal injury solicitor page. 

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