Slipping and Tripping Accidents in Parks

There are thousands of parks across Ireland that we use as a means for leisure. Unfortunately, these parks have also lay claim to victims who suffered injuries as a result of negligent maintenance and upkeep of these parks. According to figures released by the four administrative councils in Dublin, from 2011 to 2016, more than €4 million has been award to victims in compensation from accident in these parks.

When it comes to public places such as parks, there is an innumerable amount of ways for someone to injure themselves. However, many people do not pursue a case simply because they feel that there is no negligent party to blame. If you have been involved in a tripping accident due to an object such as a branch or a bottle in a park, the council are still liable for this. It is particularly important to highlight this in the case of children. Unfortunately, many playgrounds in Dublin are littered with dangerous objects that could severely injure a child. However, the council of Dublin owe each and every member of the public a duty of care if they use the park for its intended purpose. In 2016, the highest level of compensation paid out was in excess of €400,000 for a personal injury case resulting from a tripping accident in a park.
In some instances, even if you believe you are partly to blame, you may still be entitled to some form of compensation as a result of a slipping or tripping accident in a park. If this is the case, it could result in your case settling on a 50/50 basis due to contributory negligence which still results in you obtaining some form of compensation.
At Rogers Solicitors, we have also dealt with a vast number of cases involving bicycle accidents in public parks in Dublin. The council are required to maintain all footpaths and cycle lanes within these parks and all cyclists are owed a duty of care when using these lanes. Cycling accidents are extremely common in Dublin but it is important that you wear safety equipment when using your bicycle. Other than to ensure your own safety, from our experience, public liability accidents are in most instances heavily defended and aspects such as not wearing safety equipment can weaken your personal injury case.

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